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The Flamephotometer BWB-XP from BWB Technologies UK is a high quality, easy to use, state of the art instrument for measuring sodium (Na), potassium (K), lithium (Li), calcium (Ca) and barium (Ba). 


Models to Analyse with:
BWB-Syn Fuels

BWB-Syn Fuels

Automatic autosampler

- Equipped with "AUTO READ"
- "IRS" can be supplied with internal
  Reference Standard
- Compatible with all manufactured
  BWB FPs from 2014
- The sample tray provides
  up to 5 calibration points for    
  available for correction
- Dilution ratio selectable by the 
  user dilution ratio variable up  
- Auto Dilutor is integrated
- Analysis results can be via the 
  printer can be printed out.
- Up to 89 samples can be 
  positioned on the sample tray.
- Exchangeable sample tray

The devices have the following main features, which are particularly worth emphasising:
- The filters for Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba are included as standard for each model.
- Ease of use - Easier to use than any other flame photometer, significantly reduces training
  requirements for staff, which is further enhanced by our comprehensive training videos.
- Simultaneous measurement and display of all elements
- Two-point, multi-point (up to 10 standards) calibration for each element and up to 3 elements
   (multipoint mode) can be calibrated and measured simultaneously. The entered calibration
   values remain stored in the device. Various calibrations can be be processed with the
   software, reduces the analysis time by up to 65%
- Selection of display units in ppm, ml/L, meq/L, mmol/L and a user-specific unit
- The measurement result can be displayed up to 3 decimal places.
- RS232 interface and a USB port are available.
- Includes FP-PC software (GLP-compatible) for data transfer.
- Automatic gas switch-off when the flame goes out.
- Can be operated with propane, butane, LPG and natural gas.
- Incl. operating instructions and manual with sample applications
- online use
- Built-in air compressor
- No need for internal standards - saves time and money. Further information
- Long-term savings - Excellent price-performance ratio and very low total cost of ownership.

What is supplied with the device?
The BWB XP incl. pump is supplied complete with accessories and associated consumables.
supplied. Including a full set of calibration standards, demineralised water, volumetric flasks and pipettes to produce accurate and easy to prepare standard solutions.
Only gas needs to be connected.

Technical data of the BWB XP flame photometer
Measuring ranges
Element       Single-point                multi-point calibration                Detection limit
Na                0,05 -  60 ppm                     0,05 -  1000 ppm                     0,02 ppm
K                  0,05 -100 ppm                     0,05 -  1000 ppm                     0,02 ppm
Li                  0,1   -  50 ppm                      0,1  -  1000 ppm                     0,05 ppm
Ca                 1    - 100 ppm                      1   -    1000 ppm                     0,30 ppm
Ba                                                           30,0  -   3000 ppm                   10,00 ppm

Aspiration rate: 2.0 - 5.5 ml/min
Repeatability: <1% coefficient of variability for 20 consecutive samples
samples within 10 minutes. (after stabilisation of the device) at concentrations of < 100 ppm
Stabilisation time: less than 15 sec. after the sample has been injected into the flame.
Drift: less than 1% for 30 minutes after stabilisation of the device.
Delimitation: Na/K/Li = <0.5% to each other at the same concentration, if<100ppm
Number of elements: simultaneous display of Na, K, Ca, Li, Ba
Measurements:           51cm Hight x 38 cm Width x 41 cm Depth
Weight:                     14 kg, packed  24kg